Getting DIT Going On Site!

When it comes to spectacular effects and translating a script into visual reality, the best way to do it is to go on site. Digital cinema has opened up amazing possibilities that were just a dream a generation ago.

At Digital Destiny, we offer the best possible cameras and technicians but firmly believe that shooting is just one part of digital cinema. We go beyond that and offer tailor-made on-set tech assistance and data mangement solutions. Our Data Management Technicians offer a wide range of services:

  • Fully Verified Data Transfers
  • Data archival services
  • Daily image reports (see how much you're shooting, in both gigabytes and on-screen time)
  • 1st light looks with DP
  • Graded reference TIFFs
  • Technical support for Epic-X, Scarlet-X, ARRI Alexa and RED One MX
  • Onsite editing (optional)

Our data management technicians are well-trained understand your script’s demands and give your film the look and feel you aspire for. Leave it to us to get your film organized and prepped for post-production.